The Brewster Centre

Volunteering at The Brewster Center

The Purple Ribbon Ambassador Volunteering Program is for those unique and talented individuals who enjoy diversity, communities, children and challenges. Volunteers who apply for this opportunity should certainly believe that knowledge is power and that they are adamant in changing and improving the environment. The Ambassador feels the satisfaction of being an integral part of a movement that is involved in the social lift of a community.
The Purple Ribbon is a symbolic representation of the struggle to end domestic violence. It represents the victims and survivors of domestic violence and gives hope the struggle and dedication of uplifting the society. The Purple Ribbon Ambassador will be responsible for the distribution of the written information to the public locations that agree to display.  One of the benefits of becoming a Purple Ribbon Ambassador is that there's no specific timing associated with performing the job duties. You have the choice of deciding the days, hours and the location of distributing the material.  The distribution of material has played an important part in marketing the Brewster Center. Many victims/ survivors have told us that they heard about help from a pamphlet or poster. Let's all went together and communicate the benefits of Brewster Center to the entire Pima County!

POSITION: Purple Ribbon Ambassador

FUNCTION: Purple Ribbon Ambassador will be under the direct supervision of the volunteer coordinator and will be responsible to distribute posters and brochures to businesses and public agencies that are willing to display the material.

1. Signoff 5 to 10 business or public agency agreements that will permit the display and distribution of the material including the Purple Ribbon Cards. Typically, these places should be in the vicinity in which the volunteer resides.
2. Liaison between the Brewster Center and the business. The communication will be done over the phone and the volunteers will place monthly calls to ensure the availability of inventory.
3. Coordinate and schedule educational presentations on domestic violence topics for the employees of the businesses allowing the distribution of material.

1.  Minimum age is 16 years.
2. Attendance and completion of the 8 hour domestic violence 11 course at the Brewster Center
3. Attendance and completion of the 8 hour Crisis Intervention & Safety Planning at the Brewster Center
4. Must have application form completed and on file at the Brewster Center.
5. Attendance at least one monthly volunteer meeting per quarter during placement
6. Completion of the application form with recommendations

1. Willingness to work within guidelines, policies, standards, mission statement of Brewster Center.
2.  Strong communication skills and the power to be non-judgmental
3. Commitment of time, interest, and energy
4. Ability to manage time independently
5. Effective verbal and written skills

Please attend a volunteer orientation program for further information regarding volunteer opportunities.