The Brewster Centre


Shelter Advocate
West House
Starting Salary $11.00 per hr.
Tuesday -- Saturday 4:00pm to Midnight

Minimum Qualifications is a Bachelor's Degree or Associates Degree. Minimum experience is of at least 2 years in a volunteer or paid position in the social service field. Additional experience may substitute for education. Valid Driver's License and Insurance Required.
Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) preferred.
Familiarity and understanding of the overall concepts of domestic violence is preferred. Knowledge/familiarity with community resources, victim needs and immigration issues is an additional benefit.
Ability to work in crisis and proactively provide solutions.
Ability to work in multicultural settings with diverse populations and have good public relations skills.

Location/Duties: West House Shelter.
Shelter Advocate will be working directly under the supervision of the Shelter Coordinator.

Job Description
Responsible for assisting the residents in developing a safety plan and a written shelter (goal) plan which identifies their needs and action plans for areas such as employment, housing, financial, legal, child rearing, education and self care.

Ability to work with the shelter residents to help them achieve their desired results listed in their shelter (goal) plans.
Review and update shelter residents' safety plans on a consistent basis.
Assists the shelter residents in navigating their way through the social systems, in order to get the services they are requesting. The Shelter Advocate will also help remove any barriers in their way via advocating for them.

Assists shelter residents in understanding the court proceedings and educating them of the processes revolving around their cases.
Accompanies shelter residents to court for any type of case. This includes orders of protection, contested orders of protection, divorce, child custody, mediation, CPS hearings, and any domestic violence related court process, in order to provide support and advocacy when time permits.
Understands the knowledge of the "Victim's Bill Of Rights" in legal proceedings to advocate for the participants.
Gathers necessary information for the shelter residents for the VAWA immigration process.
Provides weekly domestic violence educational support groups at the shelters.

Ensures assistance to the Crisis Advocates with the crisis line, intake of new shelter residents, monitoring of medication, and conflict resolution as needed.

Completing and filing all legal and license requirements of all participants in a timely manner.

Attends all staff meetings and trainings as required.

Attends Case Reviews as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.

Performs and executes other duties as assigned.

"Brewster Center is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to increasing cultural and ethnic diversity at all levels of the organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability. We welcome and encourage survivors, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and individuals who are bilingual or multi-lingual to apply."