The Brewster Centre

Relief Crisis Advocate – West House
Salary $9.50/HR

Minimum Qualifications is a Bachelor's Degree or Associates Degree. Minimum experience is of at least 2 years in a volunteer or paid position in the social service field. Additional experience may substitute for education. Additional related work experience may substitute for education requirement. 

Bi-lingual (English/Spanish) preferred.
Familiarity and understanding of the overall concepts of domestic violence is preferred. Knowledge/familiarity with community resources, victim needs and immigration issues is an additional benefit.

Ability to work in multicultural settings with diverse populations.

Location/Duties: Shelter. 
Relief Crisis Advocate will be working directly under the supervision of the Shelter Coordinator.
Job Description

Responsible to respond back accurately to the 24 hour crisis telephone line which includes providing intensive crisis intervention and safety planning with callers, screening callers for eligibility to the shelter, providing referrals as needed/requested, and other related duties.
Assists the crisis callers and adheres to the shelter no-turn-away policy while communicating and assisting them. Responsible for finding available shelter, assisting in the coordination of hotel/motel stays, or providing assistance with relocation.
Responsible for planning and performing the intake and exit of program participants when entering and exiting the program.

Provides crisis intervention to women and children in a residential setting as needed. 
Assist, create and follow up on personal empowerment and shelter plans.
Assist in providing and resolving conflicts within the residential setting, offering mediation when necessary and evaluating when such conflicts need to be referred to the Shelter Coordinator.
Help program participants in achieving their desired results listed in their goal plans. This may include giving referrals, providing bus passes, going through the want ads for employment and housing, making budget plans, setting legal clinic appointments, etc.

Establish a concrete awareness of community resources for legal, financial, medical, social service, education, and safety needs.
Establish professional contacts with services to enhance services offerings to the program participants.
Provide safety planning, emotional support and education on the dynamics of domestic violence to program participants.
Responsible for the supplies of personal hygiene, meals and housekeeping for shelter residents.
Provide clothing and maintain a storage area in conjunction with Facilities Support Manager.
Update all program participants regarding legal and license requirements.
Complete all intakes, progress notes, and closures during scheduled shift. 
Completes incident reports when necessary and faxes to Administration.
Perform and executive all delegated tasks including ordering file forms, organizing office and storage areas, and assisting with maintaining a clean and safe environment at the shelter.
Provide services to program participants while working with other agencies.
Distribute resident medications as needed, according to legal and licensure requirements.
Assist the Shelter Coordinator in the orientation of new relief staff and regular staff members
Oversee the on-site client service clinics and educational opportunities.
Oversee the assignments and closure of chores.
Facilitate house meeting with residents.
Complete, process and deliver Emergency Assistance to Families and other D.E.S paperwork.
Review and revise materials, literature, and general paperwork used to facilitate crisis advocacy and house management.

Monitor and maintain shelter calendar of events.
Make announcements and updates when necessary.
Attend all regularly scheduled meetings and trainings as required.

Attend Case Reviews as assigned by the Shelter Coordinator.
"Brewster Center is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to increasing cultural and ethnic diversity at all levels of the organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability. We welcome and encourage survivors, individuals from diverse backgrounds, and individuals who are bilingual or multi-lingual to apply."